Who We Are

At Unite cable, we pride ourselves on being reliable and trustworthy manufacturers of automobile wires. We strive to meet and exceed customer expectations in every way possible from quality, sales and after sales customer service. Our products are mainly used in traditional and electric vehicles, and motorcycles and we export to the US, Europe, and Japan among other countries that require strict conformance to standards.

We have excellent cooperation with big electrical manufacturers like FCI, Tokairika, KET, JST, Yazaki, Sumitomo, Molex, and Amp among others. We have the capacity to help you meet your requirements in the shortest time possible. Our products are majorly used in car audio, car alarms, car audio-visual systems, the vehicle-mounted automatic diagnostic system and LED billboards among many more uses.We have served customers for years with our well-researched products that can support even large engineering harness helping customers solve waterproof connection challenges.


If you are looking for high-quality wire products, just check out our extensive range or talk to us for custom products to solve your special design issue. Unite Cable is proud to be associated with some of the big names in the industry who approves of our standards of manufacturing over the years. Whatever your wiring need, our OEM manufacturing will support your project all through the way.

The team at Unite Cable has extensive experience and product knowledge enabling us to determine the needs of our customers and deliver even the impossible. We completely don’t have a “can’t doattitude,” for us, everything is possible, and our engineers are well equipped with research and testing facilities to ensure the customer gets the best. Our culture of continuous improvement is what has propelled us to world-class heights over the years. We are always innovating and improving the way we do things to the benefit of our esteemed customers.

Our reliable delivery network and performance makes us efficient in serving clients in far-flung parts of the world satisfactorily. We target OEM manufacturers, auto electricians, large cable distributors, and loom and harness manufacturers among other groups of customers. Unite Cable is your partner from the beginning to the end of any project, simple or challenging, small or large.

Our automotive primary wires can be used in a variety of applications like general circuit wiring. Our products meet both US and European standards hence our market presence in these markets. Major auto manufacturers find our products to meet their specifications for quality luxury cars like Chrysler and Ford. All our products are available in a wide color variation with tracer stripe to make work easy. Besides, we offer custom numbering and printing to suit specific manufacturer specifications. We also do special packaging, dyeing, twisting and cut and strip services. You can make your order exactly the way you need it without having to spend a lot more for the extra customization.

For more information about our products and service, don’t hesitate to talk to us, we will gladly handle your needs and find you the best way to solve your challenges. We will share with your our catalog and capabilities to help you achieve your design needs in time and within budget.